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How much is the buffet for children?

3-9 years is $5 99

How much for dinner

$10 a person

Adult buffet lunch and dinner prices?

Cheap because you also get fresh cooked food that you want to eat been going for many years now

What is adult cost

Around $15 ....The cost is worth every penny you spend and then some. Definitely worth going lol

do you have all you can eat crab legs on the buffett

Yes but only during certain times..

What is cost of lunch buffet

I believe 7.99 for lunch

Is there mashed potateos?

Are there mashed potatoes? Even better, do they serve mashed potatoes?

How much is an adult?

$10.00 a person

How much is it for adults to eat

Not cheap... Kids 3-9 cost 7.99 and adults cost 10.25. that does not include any drinks!

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